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Mold design and manufacture of plastic injection molding

Hang Cheng plastic-steel plant was established in 1996 so far, has been to uphold the integrity and responsible and dedicated service as a company philosophy.

Main business: precision plastic mold manufacturing development of plastic injection molding plastic steel product planning and design of plastic product development with customers.

Main products:
electronics enclosure / electronic components parts, optical parts / Medical Parts parts, mechanical parts / embedded injection parts, gear parts parts, all kinds of more sophisticated plastic products.

Quality technology:
the company's internal management from the mold in FIG CAD (2D / 3D) design / CAM (CNC) machining / discharge (EROWA) / fitter clamping / injection production / product inspection process full control.

Technically continuous efforts Lapping new skills, innovative machining processes, measurement precision inspection, quality environment, careful to maintain quality, be completed on schedule to meet customer demand.

Precision plastic mold design and manufacturing, product development, production, Lapping new skills, innovative machining processes, measurement precision inspection

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